Can I control an Insteon switch with the Wyze motion detector?

I’m a relative newbie. I have a mix of smart products, including an Insteon hub. I’d like to use a Wyze motion detector to turn on an Insteon switch. Can this be done? I’ve looked at IFTTT, and while it supports Wyze, I don’t see an action for Insteon. And while Yonmi supports Insteon, I don’t see any mention of Wyze!

If it matters, I also have Alexa devices which “talk” to both Insteon and Wyze–but I don’t know of a way of using this for them to talk to each other.

There must be a way to do this–any advice or suggestions?? Thanks in advance.


You could use an Alexa routine.
Select “When this happens” then “smart home” then select your sensor. Next, select the “add an action” and add “turn on”

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Thank you. And I thought it would work–but apparently the motion sensor isn’t supported. I get an error not in Alexa
“This device not currently supported”. The other Wyze products seem to be supported–camera motion detection, open/close sensor–but not the motion. But thank you!

Yo may need to rescan for devices in the Alexa app because it should be there. I use both Wyze contact sensors and Motion sensors in Alexa Routines all the time. I have a motion sensor that turns on lights on my porch, a contact sensor in my mailbox that triggers Alexa to announce the mail is here, etc.

Thanks again. I did do a rescan and nothing changed. BUT I came back about an hour later, and lo and behold, now the motion sensor was usable in a routine. So it works–I have a bit more delay than I’d like, but I can deal with that later. Thanks for your help!.

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