Can connect my Waze Watch 47 to a New App Account

After installing an update to the Wyze app for some reason, whenever I requested that the app send me the two-factor authentication code to my phone, it never arrived. I made several calls to the support center, but nobody could solve the problem. The only solution they offered was to create a new account. However, I had a Wyze Lock, a pair of Wyze Pro Buds, a pair of Wyze Pan Cams, a Wyze Scale X, and a Wyze Watch 47, so I understood that I couldn’t unlink those devices from my account. To make a long story short, they offered to send me a new Wyze Lock and to create a new account. After all that effort, I finally have my new lock working, as well as my Wyze Scale and Wyze Pan Cam. But, I have never been able to link my Wyze Watch 47, so my nightmare continues, since I have a device that I cannot use, and it’s all because I couldn’t reconnect my account to the app after an update. Dear Wyze team, what am I supposed to do now with my watch?

Welcome to the user-to-user forum, @lloyd.diaz1!

There are very few Wyze people answering questions here (this is a user-to-user forum). I have little idea why 2fa didn’t work properly for you, but maybe deleting and re-adding your watch may work? Can’t imagine why it won’t. You will need to remove the device from the app to do that, then re-add it.

Thank for you reply, the thing is I can log in into the app how am I suppose to deleting the watch…