Cams stop being triggered and not record

I have 3 OG and 3 OG telephotos, and 2 Cam Plus subscriptions on Android Wyze app v2.46.0 (368).

From time to time, the two cameras with the subscriptions assigned would stop being triggered and thus not record at all. Un-assigning followed by re-assigning the subscriptions to the cameras doesn’t fix the problem. Restarting the cameras also doesn’t fix the problem. What I then do is un-assign the subscriptions from the cameras and have only the snapshots taken when triggered, the same way a camera without a subscription works. A day or days later when I assign the subscriptions to the cameras, they would start being triggered and recording again but the same cycle repeats again a day or two later.

Anyone experiencing this?

This started happening weeks ago when AI filtering (person, pet, etc) stopped working on some Android devices for months.

Am very disappointed with Wyze quality control and yet to hear from Wyze how the Cam Plus subscribers affected will be compensated. It’s roughly 4 months this issue has dragged on for.