CamPlus vehicle detection has gone nuts

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but something appears to have changed in the CamPlus Vehicle Detection in the last couple weeks. I’ve had CamPlus turned on for a long time and I’ve been loving it. But something changed in the past 1-3 weeks where EVERYTHING with a car in it triggers an alert. What do I mean? Light turns on in the garage? BAM, a vehicle (that’s been parked there for hours). Lighting caught on the driveway camera? BAM, a vehicle that has been parked there all night. Wind blowing the trees causing odd shadows? BAM, a vehicle that hasn’t moved in days.

It used to be a moving vehicle would trigger vehicle detection. Now, anything triggers it for vehicles that have been in the scene for a long time. I know my car is in the garage. Tell me when a car enters or exits the garage.

I’m I the only one with this problem? At first I figured it’d get fixed quick. But after a couple weeks, I’m ready to turn off vehicle detection or my notifications… which is exactly what I don’t want to do.

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Been that way for a while, I get a deer going through driveway, shadows or tree limbs moving etc. and get vehicle detection for parked vehicles all the time.

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I turn Vehicle off in the daytime. My V3 has done that for 6 months. Every time the branches on the tree to the right or its shadows move I get a notification that there is a vehicle in the driveway. There sure is.

To the best of my knowledge, vehicle detection will always identify a vehicle in frame, moving or not, if something triggers motion. The AI just sees a vehicle. It doesn’t need to be the motion trigger for the AI to identify it.

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Exactly. It’s not a problem. That’s the expected action. That’s what it’s supposed to do.

Yes, but if you have zones set up and the vehicle is not in the detection zone it should not trigger an alert. Unfortunately that is NOT how it is working. I get a vehicle alert if there is motion inside the detection zone and a vehicle located in the frame outside the detection zone. This behavior greatly diminishes the value of the CamPlus service for me since I receive frequent alerts when the headlights of a car triggers motion detection in the detection zone and the filtering is broken by the vehicle outside the detection zone being reported as an alert.

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I don’t understand what Wyze was thinking making vehicle detection this way, because it’s just idiotic! Why in the world would anyone want to know that a parked vehicle is in the detection zone when we can see that in the video? We want to know about any movement, that’s it. And we absolutely don’t want to know about anything outside of the detection zone, again that’s just idiotic that it does this. I wouldn’t have even gotten CamPlus had it not been that I needed more than a 12 second recording time and less than 5 minute cool down period.

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From my observations, the whole vehicle detection algorithm is unstable. Sometimes vehicles outside the detection zone are reported and at other times they are not. Sometimes lighting changes inside the detection zone are reported as vehicles other times what appears to be the same lighting change is not reported as a vehicle. I’m not sure if this is caused by constant changes to the algorithms or if is just an instability in a fixed algorithm. There are days when I noticed that vehicles outside the detection zone are not reported despite motion in the detection zone and I think that’s great and the detection has been fixed only to see it revert to the incorrect behavior a little later in the same day. Frustrating to say the least.

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Been having an issue lately when people are walking with their dogs, the AI sees the people but doesn’t label the dogs, yet labels the parked vehicles. I’m about ready to turn it all off and go back to just notifications of any type of motion.

You mean you dont want to know your Vehicle was detected even though it has been parked in the same spot for 12hrs??


Perhaps AI should report if it’s missing. That would be worth knowing!

I’d like to know who at Wyze came to the decision that the AI should label a recording having a parked vehicle is a beneficial feature. What’s the point to that?

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The AI has gone nuts lately with my V3. About 90% of the time it can’t seem to identify moving vehicles, not even a large garage truck. Yet it has no trouble seeing parked vehicles. And it almost always labels large dogs as vehicles now.

This is why I wish Wyze wouldn’t add more identification features to the AI until they can fix what it’s supposed to already identify.

Yes, it totally missed my car coming and going down my driveway! First time it did that was today. Something went wrong… Maybe bad training of the AI. I wonder if they do AI training on the live system or if they have a developmental system for that?

Mine stopped detecting vehicles on 11/4. I’ve been in constant contact with support, but getting nowhere. It can detect people fine, but not vehicles.

The last couple of months mine has also gone nuts. dozens and dozens of false reports a day. same as others, my car is parked and sometimes doesnt move for a week, but everytime the neighbors light goes on or off in any room ( the neighbor is 50’ away and not in view of the camera), or a car drives up the road with headlights on ( the road is also is far away, not in camera view), or I turn on/off a light or any other movement NON-Vehicle related I get notifcations. Its ridiculous.