Camplus sometimes not uploading to cloud

V3 cam sometimes doesn’t upload motion recording events. Instead a picture is there with a question mark that says help. You click that and it says the event was unable to upload to cloud. Submit log. Does this sporadically. Anyone have similar problem?

That is a failed or corrupt upload. Something happened after the start of the upload. Either the stream was interrupted, the server didn’t save it correctly, packets were lost, or something is afoul in the cam firmware recording the file.

Does it happen on the same Cam every time? Is there a pattern? What version of the Firmware are you running (don’t update it just yet).

No pattern to it happening. Firmware is is up to date version This has also happened at different locations with other cams. V3 and og cams. All Firmware up to date

Did it just start happening within the last day… Since the V3 Firmware was just updated or was it happening prior?

Do you experience any connectivity issues as well when live streaming your cams?

I does happen from time to time to some of my V3’s and the prob;em is more likely at Wyze’s cloud end losing or corrupting the video.

That’s why I have an SD card in every camera, when you get the corrupted single frame event click on playback and play the event from SD