CamPan Detection settings

At 1st glance the new grid detection settings are a great idea. I have tried picking squares to clear the picture, to darken the picture. Either way it detects the entire view frame. I have it working like a charm, Except for the detection. Am I doing something wrong? Tree in front yard, bushes to the right (is that tune stuck in your head yet :slight_smile: ?) So it would be nice to have this work. Thanks

For troubleshooting, enable motion tagging. So when events occur you can see where the camera triggers to. Then take that info and adjust the detection zone to where you don or don’t want it.

That’s the theory I have been going on. First off are you a BOT? If not don’t take offence, seems like I got a canned answer, without the post being read. I try again In the hope I get a human on 2nd try. Here goes;
Unfortunately, when I set the detection zone I would like to use. I leave entire set screen dim’d, then lighten the area I would like to detect, camera detects entire area in camera’s view. I lighten the entire screen area, darken the areas I want to detect, camera detects entire area in camera’s view. Green boxes in all areas when there’s movement. So it makes no difference if the area I wish to detect is dimmed or brightened, the cam detects all. I get a lot of bushes moving in ‘Events’ :frowning: .
I am not using the pan feature at the moment, Pan does follow the green box, when I turn it on, but 1 pain in the butt at a time.

Not a bot, just a wordsmith. Just mentioning a possible solution to an issue I had that felt similar to your issue. I had this issue where I believed motion from outside my detection area was triggering a v2 camera. Turned on motion tagging and determined that some rain drops on a window my cam looks out that were in my detection area were lensing the motion ever so little triggering the camera.

I’ve had a pan for a while, but have only ever used it as a glorified tall v2.

Computers or any part thereof, great time wasters! Thanks for the reply.