Detection Zone Selected - Now the PAN acts as V2

with the detection zone selected and with motion tracking and motion tagging on, the pan does not move
its just acts as v2 and does not track the object in its view. any ideas as how to get this working… going bonkers with pan now.

While you are in Live View on the app, press the “More” button, then make sure that Motion Tracking is selected. (The text will change from black to Greenish). It will also enable motion tagging.

This will enable the camera to follow motion.

yes both motion tracking and motion tagging are on. it does not budge when the detection zone is on. its ok to pan if i remove the detection zone with pan scan on. any more tips:)

The whole purpose of the detection zone is to tell the camera to ignore anything happening outside that zone. So it sounds as if it is doing exactly what it is supposed to. Perhaps I don’t understand what your expectations are?

the cam does not budge even if the motion happens in the detection zone. it does not follow the motion. it just acts as a v2 with the detection zone , does not follow the motion in the detection zone .

I would guess then that you have either a defective or broken camera. At this point your only real option is to replace the camera. Have you checked with support about a possible warranty replacement?

i think you are right. tried everything it just does not work.