Cameras Stopped Recording, HELP! Confirm Setup

Unfortunately I see quite a few similar posts in the forums which doesn’t bode well.

We have issues with our neighbors and put up a bunch of Wyze cameras. Of course a few days ago something happened and I needed the footage and I found out that they haven’t been recording since about Feb. On the card are recordings for totally random days like 10/04/19, 05/06/20, 12/11/20 and 02/06/21. I have 5 cameras and none of them have been recording, the most recent one is 03/06/21, and they all have about 5 random days most from 2020.

Two of the key things I picked up reading the other posts is to set up a rule to reboot daily, and to use High Endurance cards. Personally I think that if you NEED to reboot something like this daily, then it is a major flaw in the product. I have all new High Endurance cards on their way. I also ordered some Wireless cams and 2 of the Outdoor Ones.

I do want to make sure that I have settings correct on my various cameras.
Right now I have one on the front door. It sends alerts when every little thing moves, including the bugs and birds that fly around. I ended up turning off the notifications. I wish the new Outdoor cams had the IR. I will try to use a wireless one, but my house it really long and I need most of them in the back of the house and I don’t know if the range will be enough.

I NEED all my cameras to record continuously.
I have Cam+ for the two in the back yard, the one by the back gate, and the front door.
The front door and back gate I need to record events and upload to the cloud.

Suggestions on settings to optimize my needs? My existing cams are all v2

What are your local storage settings for each of the cameras? Do the camera recognize the size of the cards correctly? What are in the directories of those random dates, any files? Or just empty directories?

What happened in Feb? Did you update firmware or the app? Always when updating firmware or the app, verify all settings to make sure they weren’t changed in the process from where you want them.

The “Wyze Camera Outdoor” (WCO) has the pir sensor and is battery operated, but does not have continuous recording local storage like the other Wyze cams do.


“Need to reboot daily”? That only occurs for rare instances.
I’ve had 4 V2’s and a Pan running since Jan 1, 2020 without a reboot (except maybe a RARE power outage). They are 900 miles away and I’ve had no access due to Covid 19.
They all do run 32Mb Samsung EVO cards.