Can't Record

Not sure if I am even posting in the right place or not but I have had my wyze for about a year and still have not been able to get it to record either continuously or just motion detection. My SD card is empty, I have checked my settings to record motion, and sound and it is schedule for all day. Its very frustrating I have had this for a year and nothing I do seems to work! Help!

Sorry that you’re having issues!
I’ve got a few questions:

  • What type of camera are you using? (Pan/v2/v1)
    *how many GBs is your sSD card?
  • Is your SD card formatted correctly?

  • Have you tried power cycling?

Let me know how it works!

Could you post some screen shots of your different settings pages also? Maybe someone here will see something that was missed, put some fresh eyes on it.

I’ll also tag in @moderators to help and up your user level so you can post images in here. #singletag

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The SD card is 32GB have already formatted the card have already power cycled the camera. Don’t think it’s the card because I can manual record however it’s not picking up motion. Have played around with the sensitivity with no luck either. Haven’t been able to use this camera with the cloud either without the card.

I believe it’s the v2 plug in version firmware version and here are some screen shots

Have you tried setting it to continuously record? If that works then we know it’s the motion recording not working.

Does your event tab have any videos on it?

Maybe toggle the local recording enabled/disabled toggle. Still thinking…

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No it will not continuously record. Only manual recordings work. I should have brought it back to home depot when I bought it last year for another.

No. And I have toggled that setting many times. Defective camera since I bought it.

You should contact Wyze about this and try to get a replacement!

It’s a year old I doubt they will replace it. It’s find for what I use it for but it just gets me angry that it doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to…

They should! Wyze is very good with support. Open a ticket and they’ll take your bad cam and send you a new one.