Cameras Stop Charging Around 79%

Hello! I have ten outdoor cams and have issues with a couple that stops charging when they hit 79%. Have others run into this issue and if so, how did you correct the problem?

How do you go about recharging them?

If you have a display charger it should show .60 to 1.60 amps at charge,if all of them are not charging past 79% invest in a display USB charger that way you can see what’s going on

Interesting, thank you! I had no idea there was such a charger. I’ll be looking on Amazon after I post this. Do you have any recommendations?

Just using a standard USB cable plugged into a 6 wall outlet surge protector which has two 3.4A USB ports.

Would something like this work? Ideally, I want something with multiple ports. Thank you! This is an Amazon link for a multiport display charger.

When my cameras began to have any problems charging, I began to make sure they were turned off before charging them. That fixed the problem for me


I want to add. It seems that when the batteries begin to do this, they also begin to need to be recharged more often. It is a slow but gradual degradation.

We never turn ours off when charging so we can tell when it’s at 100%, some camera’s we use a power bank so the camera’s have no downtime

That’s fantastic

This does not help the OP with their issue though.

It’s like 99% of people that own a Toyota do not need to share they are not having a problem, when someone shares their problem.

In thus situation, the OP and others with this problem can work together to resolve things.

We are not going to fix the problem by hearing from the 99% that are not experiencing it

Interesting, I’ll try that as well. I thought I was having a problem with a specific camera, so I replaced it with another and I’m having the same issue with this one even after trying multiple charging cables. As I posted before, I have a good number of outdoor cameras and this issue doesn’t affect them all.

I’ve tried multiple charging methods. From the base station. From a USB charing hub. From a single USB plug adapter.

Using different USB cables as well.

I even tried continuous charging from a portable battery that we take on vacations. That didn’t work well. About 12 hours after reaching full charge, the camera would stop recharging. I assume that Wyze updated the firmware for that now that they support solar panel recharging??

The one time my WCO did not recharge at all, I left it off and inside for 2 days. After that it fully recharged. I kept it inside, but on, for a week facing a wall. It barely used 1% a day.

Back outside, where it picks up about 75 motions a day, both WCOs are down to lasting about 3 weeks maximum before down to 1% I just rotate them and added a V3. The V3 is better all the way around. Unfortunately neither has enough resolution to capture license plates or other important details more than 25 feet away

Interesting! I was going to reset it to factory fresh but it doesn’t look like that’s possible according to a few items I read. I’d moved it around to multiple chargers like you (different cables) and let it charge for over 24 hours, then 48 hours — still at 79%.

Ok, I had one that was recharging to 89%. I used it and left it on until it ran out. It was at 1% for a few days until it actually shut off.

After that I was able to fully recharge it, or at least too 98%. It seems that the firmware is part of the issue. Once it hits a limit, it needs to run down a certain amount before it will start recharging again.

This is why I am not going to attempt to set up continuous solar recharging. If the WCO can not continuously recharge from a battery pack I am not buying a solar panel

We have 16 of them on solar panels for over 1 year now with no issues at all,so sites are very remote to get to,and in the winter only way in is by hillicopter,2 sites are over 10,975 ft

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Thanks. It just doesn’t make sense that a solar panel will continuously charge, but with two different power banks my cameras stopped continuously charging about 12 hours after reaching full charge

It sounds like you have a bad battery, do a warranty replacement at Wyze

Yep. Both my original WCO and the replacement have similar results.

The first one had trouble recharging. I left it inside for 2 days, then after if fully recharged kept it inside, with it on, facing a wall. It dropped 1% or less a day. Back outside, about 70 motions a day, it drops 3% minimum, as Temps drop its getting worse just like a year ago

The newer one sometimes drains the battery quicker than the old one.

The answers always surround that these do not drain quickly if used in no/low traffic areas. I did not purchase them to watch grass grow

I go over to my neighbor house and charge her 4 cameras with a power bank I let them get to 20-25% then charge it,it hors quick about 2-3 hrs. To bring them up to 100% she’s 88 and I set them up for her and manage them for her she makes me dinner from time 2 time,she had 1 camera new out of the box with dead/bad cell on 1 battery it would hold a charge for 2 days,with her 4 cameras she getting about 4 months on a charge

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