Cameras offline after internet drops

Lately I’ve been having some issues with my internet dropping out for a very short period of time. Some of my cameras will not stay online after this and I will find them offline even though the internet is up. The blue light on the camera is rapidly flashing and need to power off/on in order to get them back online.

Any idea why the cameras won’t go back online when the internet comes back up?


I had this same issue a few weeks ago. I had to turn off my main power breaker to my house bc I was doing some electrical work and after I turned the breaker back on , the router started acting up and my WiFi was all wonky . My WiFi didn’t work but some devices connected automatically but my cameras refused to connect back to the network

I would try resetting the modem and router first and see if that helps any

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Thanks for that info. I will give it a try. Odd that some cameras will come back up and others won’t. :thinking:

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All of my wyze devices like air purifier , 5 bulbs , light strip pro , wco v2 came back online but the WiFi was weird and the wired cameras didn’t wanna come back online . It was 10 v3’s and a pan cam v2 that didn’t wanna connect to WiFi

Even after I reset both my modem and routers that still didn’t fix it

What I had to do was call my routers customer support . It was Netgear and they just had me to a factory reset and it reset the SSID and password to the original one and after I did that I changed the SSID and password back to the one that all of my devices were connected to and my internet was back up and running

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Very good to know. I need to call my ISP first and see why the internet has been dropping lately.

After that I should probably look into a newer router, my Netgear is pretty old.

With all of those devices, do you notice your internet dropping or slowing? I’m thinking it’s a coincidence that my internet started acting up when I added 6 Wyze bulbs?

What model? What ISP and speed (

I don’t have any speed drop issues, but I definitely have a great ISP and router (although 7 years old, lol). But routers are limited by how many devices they can handle, so maybe we can glean something from the question above.


Ends up my modem was bad. ISP tech replaced it with another one that was bad out of the box. Tried another one and the second new modem has been working fine and all Wyze devices are online and happy.


Darn technology!

Glad to hear everything back to normal , when our Wyze devices are up and online we are all happy! :slight_smile: