Cameras Not Connected

Every now and then camera’s in app show that they are not connected. I am still getting alerts on them, but they go through the number cycling trying to get connected and I have to power cycle. This started happening more recently with the latest firmware update.

Are you using the beta software or public released firmware?

I have the same issue. (Says connection failed -90, but still local recording and getting push notifications. Power cycling the camera always resolves the issue)

Android 7.1.1
Wyze app 1.2.32

I’ve got the same issue too, with some of my cameras.

Does this problem arise because of the wireless connection. I have a router as a repeater with the same SSID, would that be a cause of this issue?

I am planning to change the SSID name and check for a while.

First issue so far with beta testing …

I am also having intermittent connection issues when I’m away from home. I have 2 cameras and one connects and the other gets the "connection failed (-90)”, and I’ll still get alert notifications on both… So I’m not sure what the mysterious -90 error is either.

Wyze app 1.2.32


I found the issue I was having. This camera I wasn’t using the power brick it came with, I was plugging the camera directly into a USB powered outlet on a surge strip. The total amps were not there so it was not giving a strong power connection to the camera. Ever since I switched to use the power brick I have not had the issue. Curious if I will have the issue when I piggy back the power on the cameras when I get my other cameras.

Since updating my app to version 1.2.65 yesterday I also have been getting stuck on connection failed (-90).

Exactly the same here. The issue only started after the update.

Same issue here after the last app update…

I am having the same problem

Firmware, Android app version 1.3.107. Have not had connection issues in a while. Fingers crossed that it’s a thing of the past.

I also have the failed connection issue (I think -90). When it occurs, rebooting my modem always fixes it. I am going to put a timer on the modem and cycle it a few times a day until they get this figured out. I need the cameras most when away from home and there is not always someone home to reboot the modem. This started when I joined beta.