Camera can no longer connect

After 3 weeks, camera can no longer connect? Used to work flawlessly now I can’t even connect to the camera from my phone? Has been happening ever since latest firmware update.

I would move the camera to a different outlet and closer to the router. This will help eliminate distance from the equation. Then see if you can connect. If not you may have a failed firmware update. If that appears to be the case I can point you to directions for reflashing the firmware. Even downgrading to a previous version.

If all else fails please do open a support ticket right away.

Is it showing an error code?
I “lost” 6 cameras when we had a power blip and they would not reboot. They all showed error code 90.
I had just upgraded all to FW…108.
Four of them came back after I unplugged/replugged them. I have not gotten around to the other two.
With previous firmware they would come back on line by themselves.

Methinks once again Wyze has broken something that worked VERY well.

All of mine are on .108, and I had an extended internet outage yesterday. 40+ devices, including Wyze, reconnected no issue.

EDIT: This included two modem and router reboots.