Cameras hang after last upgrade

I have two Wyze cam V2’s. One remote, one local, in a group setting. Everything was working fine for the past 2 months. With the latest upgrade I can connect to the cams, but when I select live stream the screen goes white, then black, then back to my group view. If I select events, I can see the event, then I have to select playback, which I get into, then I have to select view live stream. Sometimes I can get live stream then, sometimes I can’t. My phone is an old Samsung s4 running android version 5.0.1

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I would try to power everything down and reboot before going on.

I’ve done that. Phone, camera, router. Still same results.

What the last thing did it do before all this started? Firmware?
You can try down grade the firmware and start over.

It all started with the last firmware upgrade. I really don’t want to pursue beta path. I feel there will be too many holes in it.

I wonder if they glitched operation on that old operating system again. We’ve seen Android 5 problems pop up on occasion. I would submit a support ticket so they can either help you or pass this on to the developers:

Downgrading the firmware or the app to a previous version may help in the meantime, as @kroq83 was suggesting.

Are there any procedures out there on how to downgrade to a previous version of firmware?

This might be what you’re looking for. I found this by doing a search in the support articles. :slight_smile:

I finally figured where the bug is. Without going into too much detail on how I found this, the cameras work fine now once I removed them from the group. I can easily recreate the bug by creating a group and putting both of the cameras in it. So if anyone is having this problem from the latest firmware upgrade, and is running multiple cameras in a group setting, delete them out of the group and you should be fine.