Cameras Freezing when people w/ cellphones are nearby

I noticed that my camera freezes or goes dark when anyone walks by on their phone or when a car pulls up. A delivery driver pulled up in our driveway and the camera immediately froze while the cameras on the 2nd floor continued to record. Today the front door camera froze when a neighbor walked across our lawn on her phone while walking her dog and again when the neighbor across the street was out on his porch talking on his phone. I checked my internet service to see if there was anything else I can do to protect the connection. The same thing is happening with the neighbor who lives right next to me. Her camera is visible mine isn’t. Is anyone else having this problem? It started a few months back.

I’ve seen this before in the past, it turned out to be a network problem that is usually fixed with a better router (not the stock router the ISP’s issue) or improvements to upload bandwidth stability.

There are several other things can help, but that’s usually the main culprit. The main problem is that security cameras use upload bandwidth while a bunch of other devices are usually focussed on download, so it’s totally different. Then add to that the fact that Securities cameras need a consistent, dedicated connection and can’t benefit form “buffering” or “taking turns” like some routers try to do. There are many other things that could be said or checked. I listed some other common things related to connectivity here:

But in the above description, the main culprit is most likely the router and/or dedicated consistent upload bandwidth.

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That makes a lot of sense. My cameras on the top floor never seem to have this problem, but of course they are inside closer to the router while the garage camera is outside. Thank you so much for responding.