Wyze Outdoor Cam Wifi Only

I have 4 Wyze outdoor cams that I’ve had working for the last 2 years perfectly. We just switched from a slower 25MB/s satellite internet as Starlink came available in our area, and I set them back up.

I use a TP Link Deco x20 mesh router that has two access points and the main hub. The mesh router is new with the Starlink, as we did not use one before. I have tried to connect with just the starlink router and we get the same issue.

The cameras are set up exactly how they were on the old internet. They work perfectly, with a full stream when I am connected to the local network that they are using. As soon as I disconnect and use my phone network, or my WiFi at a different location, the cameras will give me 2 seconds of footage, and then freeze. If I wait long enough I’ll get another 2 seconds of footage, and then freeze again.

Has anyone been able to solve this issue?

I take it that means that you’re keeping the cams in place but simply changing your phone from local network to mobile data or wifi at another location? I feel the words are not as clear as they should be since that could also mean you’re using the cams on your phone network or other wifi.

The cams are supposed to create a local loop between the viewing device and the cams when on a local network after they first connect from the internet. If they are doing that properly then the issue is either with your new networking stuff or new ISP. Assuming you had used that phone plan and other wifi previously too.

Could maybe be on Wyze end in rare situations from weird ISP compatibility issues. Some other things could maybe be possible too. It could also be a coincidence and be something else but its difficult to say without you running more tests.

You could obviously I believe set a phone to wifi hotspot using the data plan and setup a cam on that wifi ssid to try from there. Use another device with Wyze app on local internet to view. Something like that. If it works and for say a minute then you have narrowed the issue a lot.

I have the same problem! My outdoor cameras work fine when I am at my home. But when I’m away from my home ( that is where my 4 cameras are located and are permanently attached to my home!) I only get a 2 second coverage. A 2 second video, then they freeze! Can you please help me and the other gentleman how to fix the issue?