Cameras constantly saying they're offline when they're online in groups

For my wyze cam v2’s and v3’s, when I group them up, it’s constantly saying they’re offline at the group level but when I go into the group, they’re online, then over time, it’ll restart back to online status at the group level, but it’s quite annoying. I never had this issue with them before I grouped them up. For now, I’ve turned off groups, but I’m hoping this issue gets resolved so I can use them again.

It may be helpful for those reading and wanting to respond if they knew what Firmware Versions are running on the cams and what App version you are running. Another variable factor that has recently been seen affecting how specific app versions react is what model phone and OS version is being used.

Without this information, it is next to impossible to test and attempt to duplicate.

I’m on the latest for both so far

Since many updates are incremental or released slowly to a limited number of users over time, while other versions are only available to selected users, “I’m on the latest for both so far” doesn’t provide any useful information.

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