Camera Won't Connect / Weak WiFi Integration


I own five camera products for the record. Don’t ask me why, there won’t be a sixth !!!

One of many examples: I have a wifi antenna on the other side of a sheetrock wall and your *%#@ says it can’t connect. Frustrating!!

I have one outside, I can’t rely on it because of WYZE WEAK INTERNAL WiFi system!!!


That’s too bad.
I’ve 5 cameras outside, all get signals through cement block and sheetrock.

Wyze has millions of active cameras with thousands using cameras outside. Exterior walls are usually thicker. You could put a wifi access point closer to the camera. Also many users vouch for poe access to the camera to eliminate the need for wifi. You can vote here.

Also I’d update your WIFI router if haven’t already.
I just bought a MESH system and it’s WIFI transmition is awesome from end to end … from corner to corner of our probrety.

signed…the newbie.

Since you did not specify in details the setup of your WiFi network, I hope you don’t mind if we verify what’s brand/model of the WiFi router you’re using? is it dual/tri band? did you configure a separate SSID for the cameras under 2.4G band?

Great idea!! Just voted for it !!!

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Thanks. Mine is a MESH as well that’s why I’m surprised at how weak the WiFi connection is. Thanks

On the mesh it also helps to do the setup with the cam close to the mesh satellite that u want it to connect to.
Sometimes it want to connect to the main ,which is farther away.
Then move the cam to the spot u had placed it.

signed …the newbie.

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It is also suggested to configure a separate SSID dedicated to 2.4G band only and have the camera connect there as most people succeed on that setup.