Outdoor cam WiFi issues yet close to access point

My outdoor cam can’t seem to keep a good WiFi connection even though I put a mesh access point about 15 feet from it.
The mesh point says it has a ‘great connection.’

What Routers are you using?

Which camera? Wyze Cam Outdoor, Wyze Cam Battery Pro, V2,V3, V4?
If you are using the Battery Powered WCO version 1 or version 2 that has the base station the Cameras get their Wifi from the base station only.

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Google nest mesh. Outdoor cam V1

Wyze Cam Outdoor v1 connects to the base wifi only not directly to your 2.4GHz network. Are you trying to use the base station in the wifi mode? I know it has to be set up and connected via ethernet then there is a procedure to pull the ethernet cable and connect the base to your network. I don’t need to see if it works but you are welcome to try the base on wireless. It has worked for some and not for others.

I’ll try and go wireless on the base. Will check back here with an update.