Improve wifi range with external / add-on antenna/module

I would like to submit a proposal to improve cameras. Sometimes there is a problem with WIFI (it does not reach the camera). What do you think that the module responsible for receiving the signal from the router should be located not in the camera itself, but in the charger? Usually, the charger connects to the socket in the house, that is, close to the router, while the power cable to the camera can be 8 m long and therefore the WIFI signal may not reach the camera. If the WIFI module was in the charger, the problem could be solved, because the signal would be “caught” by the charger and fed to the camera by the cable. Is it technically possible?

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My guess is that because of the way that the hardware is sourced by Wyze, there’s little to no chance that they are going to be able to implement this. So I’d suggest that in such cases, you consider a wifi extender or mesh network or similar if your network doesn’t have sufficient reach.


A good quality extender has worked wonders for me. In fact I seem to get better reception from the furthest camera that is connected to the extender then I do with closer ones (all my cameras 3 of them are outside)

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Extending the WiFi network is the best way to address in my experience. It’s easy to do and all devices benefit. Same SSID is the key.

Roku have implemented the USB based antenna with their Streaming Stick+. The USB cable is proprietary and has the antenna built in to it. Interestingly they opted to use a mini USB connector so that it’s different from what the majority of people have. This kind of solves the problem of people using the wrong cable. Bottom line is that the performance of the external antenna built into the power cable is superb. They did this as 4k video bitrate is 4 times higher than 1080p. E.g. 16Mbps vs 4Mbps. Wyze is 1.5Mbps at best and a fraction of this at 360p.

The USB power cable for wifi antenna idea and USB power cable with wired Ethernet are related concepts and possibly of value as an optional kit.

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I just mentioned using the same USB plig on the back that sensor bridge plugs into could get an addon outside the cam wifi antenna. It’s also they could piggyback on power port but I’m guessing the power port has no internal connection to existing wifi antenna. Who knows…

I like this suggestion. I keep adding more and more cameras it seems but some have low bit rates at times. it would be nice to be able to improve the range from the camera instead of buying more extenders.

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For some of us, all that is needed is just a little extra boost. An external antenna connection would be ideal or perhaps using the usb connection as part of the antenna.


My Wyze Lock and Bridge are well within wifi range so I figured another Cam another 10 ft could do a proper job. Unfortunately, it cuts out on video feed often. It’s around a broken wall, outside my home.

This got me thinking, my Bridge on the other side of that wall, would be great WiFi extender. It’s currently a slave to the Lock, but what if it also extended a connection to other Wyze products, like my Cam. An exclusive signal repeater for the Wyze ecosystem, that can provide and stress area of connection!

Anyone else wish they could plug in an external antenna to better pickup their wifi further away from their router?
Any options available?


External Antenna Port

We love our Wyze cameras but we simply can not understand why they have not added an external antenna port to their outdoor camera to provide additional wifi coverage. It is ridiclous to expect their customers to alter their cameras inorder to add an external port. The tiny antenna inside of the unit does not provide adequate coverage. Including an external port would provide a variety of antenna options for users.

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Better antenna for Outdoor cam

The Wyze Outdoor cam range is pretty pathetic if you’re not putting it in an open field (which who is?). It needs a better antenna or at least the ability to purchase an add on or upgrade for a better external antenna.

I can’t get mine to connect to the base station if not in the line of sight and more than 50 feet away, rendering it pretty useless.

I eventually returned my outdoor cam

I have noticed that all you NEW CAMS have the 1ft pigtail USB Power cord attached. It would be a simple task to modify that pigtail to have an imbedded antenna inside it for longer range reception (if that is possible)