WHY can't the antenna for WIFI be at the power brick instead of INSIDE THE CAMERA?


Just something I thought of. Likely has an obvious answer that I can’t seem to think of but rather than WYZY Camera OG having the wifi antenna IN the camera (where you are limited where your WIFI can expand to, especially when OUTSIDE), why can’t the antenna be at the POWER BRICK that plugs inside the house. The WIFI is obviously MUCH strong inside the house than the WIFI getting outside on the other side of the house. So if the brick had the antenna, and the information traveled thru the cord to the camera.

Any particular reason this can not be done?

Not very practical as it would then require a specific custom power source and custom cable. MANY of us are not using the stock AC wall wart as a power source. For example, a USB battery pack, or a car lighter plug adapter. Also, feedline loss at 2.4 GHz is very high - especially on small cable. Using an antenna cable small enough to be practical as part of the power cord would easily result in losing half the signal with just a few feet of cable.

The above assumed leaving the radio in the camera and remoting the antenna to the power adapter. The other option would be to move the radio and antenna to the power adapter. Again, that would result in a custom power adapter and totally eliminate the option of using a different power source.


Another factor to consider is the longer the WiFi antenna cable, the more signal loss will occur.

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I have a 75 foot outdoor extension cord that leads to the camera outside, and then a 10 foot wyze extension ubs cord I bought online.

Would that be a result of the very poor connection I am getting with it?

I assume you mean 75 foot AC extension cord to power the AC adapter, and then a 10 foot extension for the USB power cord. That should not be a problem. That is not going to affect the WiFi performance.
But a guess is that you are quite a distance from your WiFi access point as well - and that will affect the performance.


I often do a “Speedtest” on my iPhone inside and outside the house as well right at the location of the Wyze Cam. Depending on outer wall construction, the outside wall can substantially reduce the wifi signal strength and throughput. As you may know the Device info the the cam also has an indication of the wifi signal strength.

I think a better option would be for them to just release a PoE camera. Maybe an NVR too. But that’s for the wishlist.

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download a wifi analyzer app that can read your RSSI at the cameras location, that will tell you how good your signal is there and that could very well be the issue.