Camera V3 Not Connecting to App

I am having connection issues with one of my V3 cameras. It works perfectly for a day or two then I can no longer connect and I get an Error Code 90. This happens on 3 different iOS devices, so pretty comfortable it is not a remote device issue.

Funny thing is that I can see that it is connected on my access point with great signal signal strength. I can kick the camera off my access point and it will automatically reconnect. I can shut off one access point and it renegoitates with another access point. That tells me that the camera is operating even at a basic network level.

The camera continues to record to the SD card without missing a beat. The camera moves from day to night and the IR illumination is working. Restarting the camera (pulling power) sometimes fixes it, some time does not.

It feels like there is a bug in the software somewhere. Anything that I can do to fix this?

Cam v3

Try downloading the latest limited FW release and flashing it up to the most recent version.

If it doesn’t fix the problem, you can always flash backward as well.

That will tell you if it is a bug w\ the version you are on.


I am at the most current. I tried to step back a version, but doing the manual firmware update isnt working for me. Never get the purple light in the first 3-5 seconds.

Not sure if I am missing something but the bin file is in the root of an sd card. Just never seems to want to load it.

Debated rolling up to a beta but stopped because I couldn’t get the manual firmware to load. isn’t the most current version. It is just the most current available by OTA update. is the most current version. It was pushed OTA only to cams on prior 4.36.10.xxxx versions only. It is still available for manual download and flash.

Make sure to use a freshly FAT32 formatted 32GB Card, preferably a full format rather than a quick format.

There are no current Betas

Thanks. Will try that today