New Cam v3 will not update firmware or show online

Since new, I cannot cannot update firmware or change settings. The device shows video stream, but always shows offline. I was able to flash only via SD card. It almost seems like some web services are blocked while others are fine. I have another V3 camera I bought last year and it works without issue on the same wifi network. Support just tells me to reset and try again (over and over), so I’m lost for what to try next. I’m using iOS (tried both beta and released). Any idea what I can do?

a few of things to try.

  1. If it is moveable, move it to another location and see if it connects. There may be WiFi interference at the location which the Camera cannot get around. Other devices could work fine.

  2. Perform a Cache cleanup. Go to the App, Tap on the Account item, then App Settings, then clear Cache. Then Shut the app down. If you have an Android Phone, then Before starting again, long press the app icon and choose App Info, then tap on Force Stop, then go to the Storage and Cache menu item and clear cache there. Now restart and try to connect to the camera and see if it stays online.

  3. I have also found that if you unplug the power from the camera and let it sit unplug for a period of time (5 minutes) and reconnect it, things seem to work again. Gives the WiFi time to clear out the connection status.

Just so you know, I am running the Beta Version of the App and Beta Firmware as well. Everything has been running fine for me. you could join the Beta and see if you can get the updated FW that way.

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Thank you. I tried all of these steps and failed. Support thinks it’s a hardware/production problem and is sending a new camera. Hopefully there is no problems with the new one.

That’s good news. I have 5 V3’s, so far they are working fine, did not have the same issue you are experiencing. Hopefully the replacement will take care of it.

I have six v3 cams. All work fine. But one of them will not update via the app. I have to download the .zip file, place on SD card, and update the cam way. It’s a hassle because it’s placed in an outdoor location. I’ve just dont upgrade that cam anymore, because of the hassle.

You have several V3s. Swap the problematic V3 with an indoor unit so you can easily flash.

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