Camera skips during playback


We have another issue - when reviewing video … the sound portion occurs before the movement. For example, the wife steps out onto the patio from inside the house… you’ll hear the door slam, then seconds later, you’ll see her pull the door shut.

And then there’s the long time issue. For every minute, from the 53 second mark until the 00 mark (top of minute) there is NO sound or movement.

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Just saw a criminal incident through my window, and went to view playback in the app a few minutes later, so that I could save the clip… Only to discover that wyze skipped ahead 20+ seconds and the incident was not captured. WTF!?

This is the core feature of ANY security camera and it’s broken!!

Welcome to the forums! Was the incident at the top of the minute? I’ve experienced that in the top of the minute, as one continuous file is saved and another is started, there is a small lag time that shows on playback. I’ve been able to big time reduce by having high quality endurance sd cards in the camera and having nightly camera restarts via a rule.

I have the same issue, I just put the motion detection sensitivity to the highest 100%, previously it was 50%.
I will see if this will fix the issue. Otherwise, I will return it.

Also. it looks like there are less time skipped when the videos are recorder into the SD card.