Camera sharing

My dad gifted us cameras to our house I set up my own account is there any way he could’ve set up the cameras beforehand to view them? Can i see if anyone else is viewing these cameras?

Hello @nicoleruiz900, you can share the camera for your father to view from his own Account. Once you share the camera, you can see who it has been shared to then from their you can revoke permission but you can’t see who is activity watching the livestream.

Here’s a video to explain how it’s done.




  1. You set the cameras up the first time to your own account, and
  2. You never shared them to any other account (as described above)

Then no, nobody else has access to the video unless you either share the camera in the app or you give out your account credentials.

If you want to be absolutely sure, you can delete the camera from the app and set it up anew.

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Can I SHARE just one of my CAMERAS? Or will the share grant access to all of my WYZE Cams currently on my account?

Need this feature to allow sharing of only certain WYZE CAMS on my account, but not all.

Thanks in advance.

Whatever you share, be aware it shares background conversations in the live stream as well. Vote for a change to that here:

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Yes, you can share only one.

There’s also a #wishlist topic for more extensive shared camera permissions: