Camera power converter in junction box


I want to install a 120v to 5v 2amp converter into the existing outdoor junction box that my porch light is powered to. Then I could snake the USB cable into the box. I dont want to run the USB into my house, looking for a direct wired, in wall solution. This is to run a camera that is usually powered by a USB cable. Will this work and be safe? APV-12-5 MEAN WELL | Jameco Electronics
Any other ideas?

Hi @wagsg, welcome to the community forum and Happy Easter! :slightly_smiling_face:

If it is a duplex outlet you can use a “3.6A USB Dual Type A In-Wall Charger with 15 Amp Outlets”.

If it is a round mounting plate with a light fixture attached, no. The low voltage needs to be separated by grounded metal, like a different compartment.

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