Hardwire Cam Pan without the 120V outlet

I’m an electrician and here is my question.
Is there a way to hardwire the camera instead of running the USB wire into an 120V outlet?
I would like to replace my outdoor flood lights with the Wyze-Pam Cam but it’s not practical to put a 120V outlet 10 ft. up on the side of my house.
All I would like to do is to swap out the existing flood light with the camera.
Any suggestions?

Possibly a lightbulb socket to usb adapter?

Unfortunately the existing floodlight is a Ring floodlight device which has built-in led lamps.

The camera will consume 5V DC not 120V AC so normal hardwired scenarios will not work. However there are a number of outdoor rated step down converters available at say Home Depot or Lowe’s.


Do what I did. I had the run to the floodlight extended a little to add an exterior outlet. I plugged in my camera there. Both floodlight and outlet are under a portion of the roof.