Flatter camera plugs

Any recommendations for a flat USB plug I can plug my cameras into? I got two of the v3s to use outside and I had an electrician come and put some outlets with weather covers on them but these plugs that come with the cameras are too deep for me to use. I need to be able to shut the flap on the outdoor outlet cover and I can’t do it with the ones that come with a camera. Any recommendations for a plug that will work?

Something like this should work.


Or this.

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Some covers are fairly deep.

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The ones that angus.black suggested are similar concept to some I bought. Works very well under the outdoor water resistant cover.
It’s just a plain USB outlet - nothing special. Almost any USB wall wart will work - pay attention to the current rating (especially if you plan to daisy chain several cameras).

Thank you for your reply. That’s why I was asking, I was concerned about burning the camera up or worse burning my house down. I just want to make sure I don’t get some cheap plug that will overheat and catch fire. That’s why I was looking for some recommendations. I think I’ll try the ones with the two USB ports at the bottom and just plug in 1 camera. Thanks for your help.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’m going to try the top option. I’m just never sure of how much power they’re supposed to have and I don’t want to over heat them.

They get the same amount of power whether you plug in 1 camera or 2 or none.

Both adapters will easily power 2 cameras without overheating. If they couldn’t the charger still won’t overheat, the cameras would just not work well.

Perfect. That’s a relief. One less thing to worry about. :slight_smile: Thanks so much. I’m going to buy a couple of these right now. I appreciate your help.