USB-only wall socket


I’m trying to figure out the cleanest installation for a Wyze Cam.

I’m about to renovate the house.

The simplest solution would be to have an electrical wall socket installed right near the Cam, and just plug it’s adapter into it (I’ll have access inside walls, so I pretty much can install anything anywhere).

A better solution would of course be to install a wall socket that has a USB output, and then there’d be no need for the adapter.

Can I do better ? Are there smaller wall plates that have only a single USB output ? And if so, do they have an integrated 120V->5V transformer ? If not, is there a safe, in-wall, 120V->5V transformer available anywhere ?


I see a fixture with four USB ports (no AC outlets), or an fixture with two AC outlets and two USB ports. But a single USB that fits a standard electrical box would be rare.

There’s a modular setup with a single USB but it’s only 1/2 size, so it requires a standard electrical box plus some other module (another USB or an AC plug)…

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Almost all USB wall outlets that have power outlets are already adapted for USB charging. I would just get those, and insert outlet covers (used in baby proofing) on the power outlets.

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I used a 2-110 and 2 USB setup from Amazon. Standard size, looks almost like a normal 110 but has USB also - no need for adapter-just plug in usb cord. Available in colors also.