Add a USB port to Wyze plug

Is there any way you could add a USB port to the side or bottom of the Wyze plug?

Depending on your needs, you could just plug in an adapter to the plug and connect your usb cable to it. If you need to switch both 110 and adapter voltage you could use a multi -outlet adapter plugged into the Wyze Plug to plug both your 110 device and your usb adapter into.
Kind of like building an electrical tree!
/edit or add 2 USB ports.


Adding USB to the plug would be a nice feature. Or even just a USB variant without the standard socket. A lot of small home devices are shipping with USB power these days and it would simplify things instead of stacking all these “wall warts” in an unsightly presentation.

True. Just pointing out you can work with what’s there, But it does create a ‘wall wart’. I like that term!

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Oh, obviously I CAN add a wall-wart, but it would be great if one could be included directly in the plug, so I’m not adding ‘bulk’.

Obviously this adds complexity and cost, and would likely increase the size of the plug, but it’s potentially a great selling advantage.

FWIW, I’ve replaced some outlets in my apartment with fancy ones that include a couple of USB ports, in addition to the dual sockets. But that’s not possible for everyone,…

And in many places illegal unless you get local inspections or hire an electrician, or both.

True. FWIW, here’s what I have used:

I’d just prefer if Wyze plug included them, as with your earlier post…