Camera Pictures

Hi Everyone, I was wondering is there a way to setup the cameras to take a picture periodically rather than just by motion detection? for example it takes a picture every 1,5,or even 10 minutes and can be stored onto an SD card?

Yes, it’s called the Time Lapse function. Tap Time Lapse and set up the start time, end time and interval. A microSD card must be installed in the camera for this function.

Thank you RickO, For the quick response!!

Any idea on how Time Lapse compares to Continuous Recording in terms of memory use? For example, 24 hours of continuous SD video, compared to a Time Lapse of they same 24 hours taken at 1 second, 30 seconds, 1 minute, etc. intervals.

The V1 records at 10 frames per second. So if your time lapse was 1 snap per second, then I’d expect the file to be 1/10th the size of a live recording over the same time period. You can scale from there for longer intervals. However, I don’t know if time lapse uses the same compression as the recorded video, so that could affect this estimation technique.