Time lapse for more than 1 month?

is there a way to do a time lapse for more than 1 month?

is there also a way to just save separate images of each snapshot rather than creating a movie?

my alternative is to create a time lapse each week for one week (just have to remember to start it again). was just wondering what would happen if i end up taking the sd card out during a time lapse?


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your best bet right now would be to do the longest time lapse you can, download it, and start a new time lapse with the same settings. when you have the time frame you want completely recorded, merge all the individual lapse’ and make one big one. going in time lapse as long as the camera doesn’t move positions it should be fairly seamless when you have them all together.

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Taking the SD card out during the time lapse is inadvisable. First, to safety remove the SD card the camera must be powered off which would stop the time lapse. Second removing and reinserting an SD card into a powered up camera can result in the corruption of the card.