Camera order

Yesterday I removed and readded all my cams, because I didn’t like the order they were in on the Devices tab. Everything was fine yesterday (they were in the order is added them), but this AM they’re in a random order :frowning:

It’s pretty inconvenient to remove and add everything again. Anyone else run into this or have any tricks?

I tried logging out and in, no luck. Tried clearing cache, also no luck.

Android 7.1.1
Wyze 1.2.58
Firmware /

Do you have any other devices logged into the app? That could be the issue.

If I were doing this on iOS, I would follow these steps:

  1. Remove each camera from the app
  2. Log out of the app on all devices
  3. Delete the app from all devices (to be sure it's memory is really cleared out)
  4. Reinstall the app
  5. Log back in
  6. Set up each camera in order
Not sure if that would do it.

Please, Wyze, give us the ability to re-order the thumbnails in the app!

EDIT: I now see others reporting order moving around. Some have said that pulling down to refresh fixes it. I just noticed on mine that my last camera is now my first, and pulling down has no affect.

Exact same thing happened to me! Yesterday I deleted and re-setup all 3 of my cameras so that the one pointed at the baby crib (our first grandchild!) is on TOP of the list. I woke up this morning and it’s now at the BOTTOM. It took a very long time (over 2 hours) to set them up because QR scanning is very finicky on an iPad and I have a physical disability that doesn’t help matters. Anyway, yes … PLEASE change the app (iOS in my case) so that the thumbnails can be reordered. I’m still holding onto hope that landscape mode throughout the entire app will be added (try using the app now on an iPad in a case), but for now I’d settle for just being able to reorder the thumbnails.

Ditto on the landscape mode.

I just saw on another forum that the next version of the app in development will allow thumbnail reordering. In fact, changes on the server side to accommodate that may be what’s causing the goofy reordering we are seeing.

Very interesting, thanks for sharing that. My guess was server side for the overnight reordering surprise as well, perhaps interpreting the cam registration date/time in descending vs. ascending, or something similar.

It’s funny you say descending vs. ascending, that’s what it is! It’s in reverse order for some reason.

Not for me. I don’t remember the exact order my 12 cameras were in, but I do know that some that were near the bottom are still near the bottom. It appears only that my V2 moved from the bottom to the top of the list.

Hmmm … in which Forum/Topic has the overnight ordering problem been discussed? I looked and couldn’t find any other references to it.

Same thing happened to me, but it was because I had to delete my cams in order to connect to my new ISP. So in addition to bei9ng able to re-order cams in the app, please allow us to connect the cams to a different wi-fi without having to delete. Thanks, love the product and can’t wait to get the new version.

I just noticed in App version 1.3.107 that there is a blue arrow thingy on the bottom camera view that lets you reorder the cameras.