Shortcut order, 8/22 related?

IOS app, latest version. Ever since the 8/22 outage my shortcuts are in the reverse order I had them set. The two I use most are way off to the end of the list and attempting to reorder does nothing when I press “Done” after moving them back to the top. Anyone else seeing this? First, have your shortcuts been rearranged for you? Second, are you able to reorder and save the changes? TIA

Apparently going to be fixed in the next firmware:


Thanks, but it’s not a question of my shortcuts working or not, which was a problem mentioned earlier in that thread. They are out of order in the app and it does not save changes to the order. I’m not a rocket scientist, but I don’t see how the firmware in individual cameras is going to resolve the order of the shortcuts within the app or how they are stored on the server. I would hope @WyzeGwendolyn is commenting on a different issue, although she doesn’t state which issue the firmware update addresses. If firmware in individual cameras controls the order of the shortcuts, things are worse off than I thought.

The post above Gwen’s says the shortcuts are out of order. She is addressing that in her post.

My assumption is the order is saved on the servers, and something in that area changed because of the outage. I wouldn’t expect that to be changed in firmware either, maybe she meant the app. I just know I am affected as well.


Same here. I have tried to rearrange my shortcuts but afterwards they snap right back out of order. They all work the same just can’t put them in the desired order. I’m sure the Wyze team will get it straightened out soon.


Yeah, the firmware and this particular issue don’t seem to be directly related. My main concern was if this was unique to my situation since my search didn’t find any recent hits. You pointed out it was already a known issue, so I’ll fade away again. :+1:

Yeah, I brain blipped and said “firmware” instead of “app.” Sorry about that! I have edited my post accordingly.


Exact same issue here, what is ETA of new app?

It’s coming out very soon (though not today). :slight_smile:

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