Can't reorder cameras?

I’ve got a couple of WyzeCams and have the latest app installed on my Android phone (v 1.4.33). I’m trying reorder the thumbnails but am not seeing the re-order button in the bottom right screen that is supposed to be there according to the documentation. Not sure why I wouldn’t be seeing this when the documentation says it should be there, unless it’s not shown if there are only two cameras, though I’d be surprised if that was the case. Am I missing something?

On the iOS app, the reorder button has been moved to the top-right of the thumbnail screen. Look there … it’s probably in the same location.

That was changed ,It’s right next to the plus sign top-right

I’m not seeing anything next to the plus sign?

What app version you do ya have? android, IOS ?

Might have to uninstall and reinstall the app




Checked the app on my iPad and was able to re-order the cameras on there. The icon shows up next to the plus sign and I can move them as required. Not sure why I’m not seeing it on the Android app. Using the latest version from Google Play, 1.4.33. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling several times. One thing I did notice which I found very odd is that when reinstalling, the app didn’t prompt me to login again, even if I cleared the application cache and data before uninstalling, so not sure what’s going on there. Shouldn’t matter, but am using an LG V20 running Android 7.0.

Sorry pics wrong

@mun.rashid, could you please open a support ticket and let me know the ticket number here? I would like to gather some additional information from you since it looks like you may be experiencing a bug. Thanks!

I tried to open a support ticket, but when I filled in the form and hit submit, it simply said “To help us serve you best, please be sure to scroll down and fill out as much info as possible” with nothing else below it and no ticket number. Didn’t receive any email either, and I don’t see any way of checking for support tickets under my account, so I’ve got no idea if it went through or not.

Just got an email confirming my support ticket. The number is #74239. Let me know if you need any further details.

Did you get a reply/fix for this? I am having the same issue.

I use iOS and have the same issue. The re-order cam icon is not there. I have deleted the app and re-installed to no avail. What is the next step? I have six cameras set up - 5 regular and one Pan Cam.

Tap the 3 dots (…) in the upper-right corner of the main screen, then select “Sort Products” at the bottom.

BINGO! thank you! Right in front of my face the whole time. That’t the fix. Appreciate the info and love these cams.