Feature Request - Change Camera order

I have been unable to find any way to change the order of the cameras in the app. I switched 2 cameras and would like the one that was on top, back at the top of the order inside the app. Is there anyway to do this other than removing them all and re doing it?

I posted the same concern over on YouTube several days ago. It’s a feature that the Wyze team may add in the future, but in the meantime I just physically relocated my 3 cameras to achieve the same result. They apparently are listed in the order in which they’re setup. You can also rename each of the cameras if necessary.

I have been told that this is on the to do list, but it lower in priority than some other improvements they have planned.

Yeah I was really annoyed at first. I ended up removing the cameras and readding them in the order I wanted them…

Hi Everyone!

Yes this is something that the dev team is aware of, but at the moment we are prioritizing other features to be updated so this request in on the wish list, but just further down.