Is there a way to reorder the cameras in the wyze web live view?

if this is not a feature yet, does anyone know if this something they are working on?

If someone answers @jen3494’s question would you also explain how we can select only a few or block others, so we can get better/faster responses from 3-4 vice 10? Maybe it will improve the view.

I am not sure if they are currently working on that or not.

You can select to view only a few cameras by selecting them in the drop down in the upper left corner.



Any progress on this?
At least tell us HOW they are arranged in order.
Is it by s/n? MAC?

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I will ask and let you know.

Interested to get an answer on this too. I originally thought it was by newest to oldest. But I removed the middle device, completely reset it and when I set it up all over again it was still in the middle. To add more to the mystery, all my camera are shared with my wife, and on her live view the order is completely different from mine. It almost seems like there is no rhyme or reason to the order, but hopefully this isn’t the case.

What effect does changing order cams appear in app have on order cams appear in webview?

none from what i can tell.

I asked how they are arranged and was told it is currently a bit complicated, it tries to do it on app order but there are other things involved so changing them in the app may not change the order on webview. However I was told that they are aware users want to be able to reorganize them how they want directly on the Web Portal and was told it is on the roadmap for this year.


Well thanks for asking.
But could you tell them that there are a lot of smart people out here that can understand complicated instructions? I REALLY want more details on how it works so I can at least attempt to organize the 47 cameras that show up on my list of cameras.

To me “on the roadmap” is just one of their canned responses, Is it in testing with a large group of users? If so how does one get into the test group?
I went and looked at the Roadmap and the only thing I found that seemed to partially link to organizing groups for the Web Portal was
" Ability to customize groups - Group multiple product (Device) types together"
Ia that it?

‘On the Roadmap’ is essentially a canned response you are correct. In this instance it means it is in their plans to have it released this year. I can verify that it is not currently in testing. Also when I said on the roadmap, it was their response given to me. The roadmap on the forum is a bit different as it contains things users have submitted.

The Roadmap post you linked to is for grouping different devices in the app, for instance a room full of different devices and giving it the name of that room. This is being worked on also by a different team.

There is probably a general wishlist request for web portal improvements which would contain the ask for changing camera order.

Found it, looks like second item on the list


It’s been 2 months, is there an update on this feature?

I found that you can use the INSPECT function in Chrome (right click an empty part of the window) to edit the webpage and rearrange the cameras. In the element editor window, find the <-div class=“MuiMasonry-root css-mfwxp1”><li class=“MuiImageListItem-root css-p8pnwm” … for each camera, and drag and drop them in the order you want.

Product Manager note: this is an easy fix, y’all.

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