Camera Offline?

when using the wyze app my V2 camera displays as “offline” and my device won’t connect to the camera. my wifi is working fine and i tried unplugging the camera and plugging it back in and it still says offline

I’m noticing that on 2 of my 3 cameras. Have you been able to get the camera working?

Step 1) Power cycle the camera
Step 2) Run through the setup again for that camera (no need to remove it first).
If that does not work, verify with your DHCP server (normally your router) that a DHCP address has been assigned for the MAC of the camera. That will tell you ikf the camera is connecting to your WiFi.

I had the same issue with one of my cameras. Unplugging and plugging it back up didn’t help at all. However, I pushed the set-up button on the bottom of the camera and went through the basic steps and it corrected the problem. It has been working great ever since.

I have the same offline message on 1 of my WyzePan but I can access normally to all functions…weird!

Update: I have rebooted the cam and everything is fine. No offline message.

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