Camera notifications

My 3 V3 cameras notify me when there is motion outside my house. I dont want a notification every time I walk outside. How can I set them to only notify me when the system is armed for Away?

Unfortunately, the HMS Hub security system monitored by Noonlight cannot be used in any way to trigger any cam action. You cannot use the Away\Home\Disarmed State in any automation.

You can press the bell in the top right of the home screen to turn off notifications for all cams.

Or you can program a rules shortcut button at the top of the home screen to turn off notifications just for a specified group of cams. You can also program rules to a set schedule.

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Hey thanks for the reply. If I am following you, the notifications are either on or off basically. If I am home and have the notifications On for motion, then I get a notification because I walked in and out of the house (not what I want). But if I turn them off, and leave the house then I have to remember to turn them On.

Would be much more user friendly if you could simply Arm your system for Away, and the notifications would be on automatically.

Thanks again very much for your input!

Yes. You can toggle cam notifications off\on for all cams, some cams, or one at a time using rules.

Yes, you have to turn them on and off manually if you use a shortcut rule button. In building a rule however, you can also turn cam notifications off and on automatically using your phone’s GPS locator when it sees you are at home.

Yes. It would. Many have asked for this. But Wyze has isolated the hub itself from all automation. Here is the Wishlist post for that request. Follow the link, cast your vote, and add a post.

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