Camera Not Connecting - Support Ticket

My outdoor wireless cam (indoor working) stopped connecting about 10 days ago but I didn’t want to get on a ladder. I sent a log file. I finally got it down, made sure it was charged, tried to connect repeatedly. Finally I deleted it and tried again. No success. Can’t update firmware. Sent another log file. The response to both log files included: “If you currently have an open ticket with a Wyze Wizard, please reply back to that ticket with this ticket number …”

Do I have an open ticket? Where would I find it?

A log is different than a ticket. Being that you are indicating that you are on the beta softwares, the logs go to the devs/engineering and not Support. You would have to contact Support via the phone or online for the ticket process. Make sure you disclose that you are on beta, and tell them.yoir log number.


Ok. Thanks.

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I was receiving “Certificate Expired” error when it was trying to connect in app. Could not find anything online anywhere about how to resolve. Tried everything with no success and it just started working one. Sent logs and tickets but no reply yet

Mine says connection failed. I’ve done it at least a dozen times. I haven’t heard on my support ticket but I just did it this morning.

I finally got it to connect and update. It must have worked 4 or 5 days. It showed on all devices. Now it works on my phone but not on Amazon. That’s today anyway. VERY annoying.

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