Camera Name Forwarded to DHCP as Hostname

Can the camera name be submitted during the DHCP process as the hostname? This would make it infinitely easier to identify devices in the address table. Spaces in the hostname could be easily replaced with dashes “-”.

had my ISP replace my modem/router and discovered that there may be some issues with the feed to my house, Stay tuned on that.

Since my router was replaced, all my IP addresses changed. While trying to reserve camera addresses on the Hitron router, I ran into an issue where duplicated DNS entries were not allowed to be reserved. In fact, the DHCP service had multiple entries with the same hostname, 2 v3 cameras were assigned the same name “MeshNode-e2c019” with only one having a corresponding MAC ending in “e2c019”. Several were also recorded ad “unknown”. I can’t tell if it’s a Wyze issue or a Hitron problem. I suspect it’s the latter, but if the camera name was listed as the hostname, it would not be an issue.

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Remember the hostname (generally doesn’t change) has no relationship to the friendly name your give the camera in the app (can change as often as you wish). The various Wyze devices frequently use the same host name for a particular type of device. As far as your DHCP server is concerned, normally all that matters is the MAC address - which is unique. You can get the MAC either by looking at the label on the camera or from the app on the Device Info page.

@K6CCC the advantage is to quickly identify individual device’s IP and MAC in the DHCP table. Currently, I have to look at the app to get the MAC or IP, then go to the table and search for the entries I’m looking for or maintain a table with the names and addresses stored standalone. (BTW The device friendly name is not on the page that has the IP and MAC in IOS)

Having the hostname match the friendly name would make it simple to lookup the most authorative data source.

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Couldn’t you scratch your particular tech itch by reserving each camera in your DHCP server/router and then naming them with IP in the app?

That’s what I do. I have a DHCP reservation for each IoT device and my router (which serves as the DHCP server) lets me put a comment for each DHCP reservation. Below is a small section of the DHCP reservation page from my router. The comment is the line above the line of data. The cameras up to 19 are V2 and the 22 and up are V3. You can see that the end of the Hostname is the MAC. However, a couple of V3s on the list just show “WyzeCam” and the OG-Tele just lists “WYZE_CAM_OG”. Note, this is not unique to Wyze. My Echo Dots don’t show a hostname at all, my GPS shows “rogue” and my Lorex camera just have the model number as the host name.

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Cool. I was also suggesting that the camera name in the Wyze app could be adjusted to include the reserved IP address.

Honestly I’m sort of shocked that wyze doesn’t do this and that more people haven’t complained about this. With internet security being in the rise, knowing what’s connected to your router is important. I have over 50 devices and lots of them show different things for the MAC address on the router. That makes me think wyze did not use a uniform naming standard on their wyze devices.

I wish they would allow the name to come across so I could quickly identify which devices I have connected l to my router are wyze and which are not. Several times I’ve booted a light switch or a lightbulb because it’s MAC address wasn’t like the others.

using the name I give the camera in the app as a host name for DHCP would help the humans know who is where and at what IP