Device Hostname (DNS) needed for RTSP

It would be great if devices had a host name instead of the the current null value. I recommend a unique value, user configurable value. When the user configures the camera name, I recommend that this becomes the host name. This will address issues that will be more apparent once RTSP is implemented. Users with NVR platforms will be able to connect to the camera by hostname instead of IP. This will also eliminate the need to do a DHCP reservation. I work with large networks spanning hundreds of sites. Unique hostnames registered in DNS via DHCP is powerful and simplifies everything. I encourage the Wyze development team to implement this simple change.

I personally populate mine with hostnames via DHCP (for reserved address and hostname) so it’s not a big deal, but it would be nice to have for scenarios where running a DHCP server that allows all options to be set is not possible.

Would be nice if it just used the camera name (sanitized) from when you add it into the app.

That really sounds like a good option. Better than the generic WyzeCam coming from the V3!