Camera group sizing

I would like to see a change in the Wyze Android App where I can change the size of the camera views when I group cameras. Right now I can only see 3 cameras at a time but I would like to see all my cameras on the same view. I have a bunch and I would like to keep track of all of them without having too scroll up and down.

Roll your phone into landscape and you can see four. However as with the three camera view in portrait mode, any more requires scrolling. Would be nice - although note that many more than four on a phone and the image is so small that it’s not overly useful. With my Lorex camera, I can display up to 36 cameras at once, but on a phone that is essentially useless unless all you need to see is that the lights came on in a camera view.


Great suggestion, but please add your vote to this thread!


Will do

One drawback I have found also is that the more cams I stream, the worse the streams are. Video quality suffers, bitrates drop, and total connectivity drops increase. It’s like they each start to buffer through a 56K modem!

I also use TinyCam Pro to view many cam streams at the same time and get the same results.

It’s probably because I am trying to stream 12 times the content as a single cam through the same limited Bandwith pipe. Since I am one of those cheap guys who refuse to pay for Bandwith I rarely use, I guess I am getting what I pay for.


Thanks. I voted for it, too.

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