Camera freezes on Webview but not on App

I have several cameras I view on Webview. Frequently, one or more cams - not always the same ones - will freeze on Webview after several minutes of viewing. These same cams can be viewed on the app at the same time they are frozen on Webview, so the cam is still working. It happens on more than one laptop, so I don’t think its a RAM problem but who knows. Anyone experiencing this? Thanks.

Let me add that frequently one cam (not always the same one) will have the spinning icon and never connect, but can still be viewed on the app at the same time.

What browser you useing? Chrome here with no issues windows 7 pro with 12 cams running,some stop,we power cycled them at 3am everyday

It happens on both Chrome and Brave browsers, and on two laptops.

I just tried it on Firefox, and all of my cams just “spin” and never show the live video. I rebooted the laptop and they continued to “spin” and never connect on Firefox. Back to Chrome, and all 4 live streams are just fine.

After 10 minutes on Chrome, one of the cams stop showing live video, though I can still view it on the App.

So I’m leaning toward a possible browser/RAM issue, but I also don’t know what I’m talking about. Thanks.

Hi @powernoodle. As you indicated in your tagging of this topic, The Wyze Web View is in Beta. Which is a “feedback” testing phase of a service that is as close to operational ready as possible and often in a lower level environment (less processing power).

I don’t believe your (or most of our experiences) with the Wyze Web View to be a RAM issue with your devices, and your overview is on par as to what many of us users today are seeing in performance during the beta.

The site is probably gathering data and metrics to understand it’s computing needs for optimal performance once the site has been deemed ready for full production.

I believe there is a known issue with Firefox that the Wyze team is looking into.

Keep your eye on it, and keep checking it out.


Copy it uses alot of system resources to run,also chrome is what they built it on Firefox is not supported at this time

Thanks peoples. I have been enjoying Wyze now since beginning, and am happy to finally have it streamable online. The freezing is a frustration, but I can refresh and deal with it (hopefully) until its out of Beta.


It’s beta.
By definition, NRFPT.

BETA that started functioning sporadically once they announced it to the world.

I’m using Chrome, and I too get erratic camera streaming stoppages at best – and spinning disks mostly. Using it w/9 cameras. (I know its Beta, but I’m a little concerned )

Would like to be able to save event videos from Webview

Would like so that others using Webview can only see the cameras I share with them – to be able to share specific cameras w/ Webview –

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