Spinning wheel on laptop

I have Cam Plus and I got notification you can see cameras on laptop. I can see the events no problem but when I click on live all I get it that spinning wheel . What do I need to do?

Nothing you need to do.
I get the same response and have been testing with the 3 common browsers on Windows, Chrome, FireFox, and Edge. They all load equally slow for me, but Chrome does seem to work a little better than the others. One thing you could try if you haven’t already, and this is just good maintenance, is clearing your browser cache.

The service is in beta, and not completely optimized yet. Keep trying and playing with it. I am sure it will get better as Wyze analyzes the load and performance needs during the beta period.


I tried clearing History but no help. I am using chrome . Anything else I can try?

Did you clear History or Cache?

Clearing Cache I believe would be most beneficial, but probably not much, just good maintenance.

Not much for us to do on our side but wait for normalization after beta.

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