Camera for the lobby

This is my situation
I had 1 camera in our lobby, which works fine, but I put it up high to prevent people from messing with it, so I don’t get faces just tops of heads.
So I thought I’d add a second camera, inside the 2nd door to look out though the glass to catch faces.
Well, outdoor camera doesn’t work through the glass (infra red trigger).
I don’t have a power source, so I don’t like any wired options.
Other ideas?

Find a location with power or plan on using something like a USB battery bank and just plan on swapping battery banks as needed…

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Motion sensor in lobby, cam inside room?

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Which motion sensor?

Wyse used to make one. I have one in my foyer.

The V1 Motion Sensor that attached to the older cams with the USB port in the back is no longer made, sold, or supported.

The only available motion sensor from Wyze is the V2 Motion Sensor which requires the Wyze Sense Hub. Wyze only sells the Hub as a component of the Home Monitoring System Security Alarm that requires a subscription. Motion Sensors are sold separately.

The hub, however, does function without the subscription if you can find one available thru a secondhand reseller like eBay. Just make sure it is NISB. There is a Home Security Core Kit that includes the Sense Hub available thru online retailers like Home Depot, Walmart, and Amazon that have the basic components. The subscription is not required to be activated on those.

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Trying to use an Outdoor Camera inside might not be the best option. I use Wyze v3 cameras inside my house aimed through double pane windows and faces are very clear. IR lights are off and I have Night Vision on Auto.


I would be willing to use a different 100% wireless option if that exists, but it doesn’t seem like it does.
Yes the picture looks great the only issue is it won’t trigger. I have 2 cameras and the 1st one does trigger and can trigger the second, but it’s way too slow to catch anything

I would suspect any Sense V2 PIR Motion Sensor Trigger thru Rules as discussed above would be just as slow.

Convex mirror, maybe mounting camera on the other side?

I might mount it on the other side, but I’ll need a lock box and I don’t know one that would be good.
I don’t know how a mirror will work if IR doesn’t go through glass, not sure if IR reflects?

Would a plastic, non-reflective one-way mirror work?

Can’t remember Infra-red science.

I use my V3 cams inside windows and I catch activity fine. I just turn off infra-red and use outside lights. In the backyard with ambient light it looks almost like daylight. The V3 is a big improvement over V2. Never tried outdoor cam.

I have seen evening Amazon deliveries fine at 1am.

Never thought about it but apparently an all metal mirror is your best bet.

But why the worry about IR? Don’t you have any lighting in your lobby?

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the camera won’t trigger with any movement. from what I understand its triggered by IR only? or at least it needs IR to trigger

Mine triggers by a change in pixel illumination. I draw a detection square around the area I want to monitor.

I have had mine behind glass for years. IR allows you to see in the dark. I am sure someone can tech it out for you.

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ok maybe I have the settings wrong? Like I set it to 100 sensitivity (although it seems to change on its own) and not sure what to set the distance (25 right now), I set up a detection zone which surely is in the traffic area. Nothing triggers it.

I’ve seen the ‘it changes on its own’ before - that is caused by it not actually being connected to the camera when you make and save that change. Go a little bit slower on making that change. make the change, view the camera, record an event - walk by waiving your hands - come back inside, look at event, then go check camera settings. If that didn’t work, reboot camera (I usually unplug and wait 20 seconds then plug back in), kill the mobile app, wait for it to come back online by launching the mobile app, view it ‘live’ for 10 seconds (watch the clock increment in lower right), then try viewing and editing the settings once again in the app.

You want it 100 sensativity? fly can fart and it would set off the camera. Try back down at 50/50 for both settings and test for a day.
Try disabling the detection zone for a day, too.
Try turning off the night camera/IR camera feature for a day.
Track what you test, then see if you can get it to work for you.

I had one mounted in a window kind of pointing at 45 degrees once. Improved it by putting a curtain behind it. But during the day the reflection is still quite strong, and at night the IR lights could cause problems too, so mounted it outside instead. I remember the upgrade to Cam v3 really helped with night vision, too.

Anyway, some things to try. Long time user, not an employee.

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I haven’t had much luck with the sensitivity section. I left mine at 40.

Detection block is active.

Visuals are good at this time.

No deliveries tonight or this morning.

So this camera is inside your house, pointing out a window towards the street, and you really just want things as the come and go in your driveway, anot not the sidewalk or the street or the neighbors, correct?

Looks like you have a door/entry way maybe on the right?

Wouldn’t this camera be better outside pointing at your driveway (towards the left of that current angle) vs. towards the garage door where it is now?

I have 3 classic cars – I put my cameras IN the garage, and the doorbell captures outside. I also put one pointing toward my garage door from across the driveway similar to your setup. Bet it is hard backing a boat into that driveway.

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I have another camera, also inside with a slightly different angle of the same view.

I can see the deliveries made on both cameras. I only want to see part of the garage to make sure it is closed. Personally, I like my cams inside where power is conveniently inside.