Can motion be detected and pictures taken through glass?

Can you put a camera in a window looking out and detect motion and get pictures?

If so, in certain situations an indoor camera can serve the same purpose as an outdoor camera.

Yes, motion can be detected through glass. I have a v2 cam resting on a windowsill pointed, at an angle, toward a detection zone (rectangle) near my front door and not only is motion detected, but person detection is nearly flawless. Night Vision Mode can be used (set to Auto), if you like, but don’t enable the Night Vision IR Lights if your camera is pointed through glass. This can be adjusted in each camera’s Advanced settings. Note also that pictures and video can be taken through glass. My $0.02 …

You can certainly place the cam and get pics thru the glass. The issue will be the amount of reflection from the glass into the lens. It can be minimized by placing the cam directly on the glass, and sealing any area around the cam between it and the glass with something light-blocking. You will need to provide an outside light source and turn off the cam’s IR lights for night use because the IR won’t function well thru the glass. Motion detection is based on a pixel-change algorithm in the cams so light change will trigger motion detection. I have had reasonable success with a V2 following the above steps.
The PIR motion sensors like the Wyze Sense won’t shoot thru the glass so they will not work.

Also, order a black camera if you’re interested in a v2 and pointing it through glass. It will do a much better job at reducing reflection during the daytime than the white version.

A lot of people, myself included, mount V2 and Pan cameras. If you make some attempt to shield them from the weather they will work fine.
I have plastic cases from Amazon on two V2 cameras. I also have another V2 and a Pan camera with no cases but mounted under deep soffits.
Mounting indoor cameras outside probably voids the warranty.