Outdoor cam v2 won’t detect movement thru window

I have the camera on the inside windowsill facing outside. It will not detect any movement. I am able to watch live and see someone outside but it is not detecting movement, notifying me, or taking a picture.

Is it because it cannot detect thru the window?

Yes. The WCO V1 and V2 each have a PIR motion detection system that dies not work through glass. You’ll need a pixel detection camera like the OGs, v3, v3 Pro to detect pixel change through glass.


I have a v3 set to monitor my front door through a window. Works great most of the time. Sometimes after dark I get reflections from interior on the glass that the camera will pick up

Make sure to have the camera lens as flat to the window as you can to reduct glare. With some windows like double pane they may still be some.

I have a Cam v2 in my front window and it works great. I have it flat up against the glass, and have a cloth over it to block interior light. It works even better with the screen removed.
Conversely, I have a Pan Cam v3 mounted on the trim of the same window but outside, and it misses 98% of what the inside Cam v2 catches.