Motion Detection

I have heard differing answers, does the WyzeCam work through a window to detect motion? Thanks,

I have mine setup looking out my sliding glass door to my back deck. It works really well during the day, my yard guy sets it off when he comes over to work in my backyard. At night there is some reflection and I’ve noticed it works less well. I’ve seen a cat go by at night, I could see it’s eyes glowing in the camera but it didn’t set the sensor off.

Yes. The confusion probably stems from the fact that you can’t use the night vision through glass as the IR light reflects off the glass and blinds the camera. Motion detection works by comparing frame to frame, so it should not be affected by glass.

This is from the FAQ page:

Do Night Vision and/or Motion Detection work through a window or other glass?

Night Vision: The WyzeCam emits a 850nm infrared light for the night vision feature. This infrared light will be reflected by glass, which distorts the image. Therefore, the night vision feature does not work through a window or glass.

Motion Detection: During the day the infrared lights are not necessary and therefore there are no reflection issues with the WyzeCam pointed out a window or through glass. Because the WyzeCam compares pixels in its video image to detect motion, the WyzeCam motion detection feature will work through a window or glass