Can't see through glass at night?!

With all the hype about night vision, etc., imagine my surprise to find out this camera can’t see through the window at night when I bought it so it would monitor the driveway. It wasn’t until I got on the site and starting searching the FAQs that I found out I’d been stupid. And the returns policy is basically “no returns” if you aren’t smart enough to read EVERYTHING on the site prior to buying. And that’s provided I could even have accessed that info before creating my account. I KNEW I should have bought it through Amazon, but I, stupid, thought that Wyze should get ALL the money since they weren’t making much on the cams. Thanks for nothing. I’ll put it outside and use it until it stops, and in FL, that’ll be about 4 months. Back to Amazon.

And yet she took the time to put up a profile pic. Good ole Florida, never lets me down.

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The website does that automatically. The assumptions of idiots never lets me down .


She complains about wasting a whopping 20 bucks, in a forum, over one feature, yet I’m the idiot.

It’s $26 and it was the primary reason for buying it–to monitor the driveway at night. It proclaims to record in infrared at night. It DOESN’T say “but not through a window”. Yes, I agree with your interpretation of my assumption of you. PS This is the internet. If you deal out snark, the odds are high that you’re going to get an equal response. You should at least know THAT by now.


Per the FAQ:
Do Night Vision and/or Motion Detection work through a window or other glass?
Night Vision: The WyzeCam emits a 850nm infrared light for the night vision feature. This infrared light will be reflected by glass, which distorts the image. Therefore, the night vision feature does not work through a window or glass.

Motion Detection: During the day the infrared lights are not necessary and therefore there are no reflection issues with the WyzeCam pointed out a window or through glass. Because the WyzeCam compares pixels in its video image to detect motion, the WyzeCam motion detection feature will work through a window or glass

PS - This isn’t specific to Wyze. Any camera on the market works the exact same. I use one of my cameras to look through glass without any issues. I turned off the night vision & turn on my lights outside

I don’t think it’s fair to blame Wyzecam on this issue. It’s a fairly common issue with any security camera. I’d call it a learning experience. The bright side is, you’re only out $26. You could have paid $100+ to learn the same thing on a higher priced camera.

Uh, duh. Obviously I’ve already found this. Too bad I didn’t find it BEFORE I bought the damn useless piece of crap. Who would even know to LOOK for this?! When the boast it has infrared night vision, I’m not unusual in thinking this means everywhere. Only a specialist would know that infrared doesn’t work through a pane of glass. Ridiculous.

I disagree. Obviously. Wyzecam needs to make this information very clear, up front. And I don’t give a flying fig that I only paid $26 to learn that “lesson.” I should not have had to learn that lesson at all. If your camera can only work inside without any barriers, then say so. Who in God’s green earth would have thought that the cam that can see through glass during the day, cannot see through glass at night. Omg.

I am sorry to hear the camera is not working as you had hoped. The IR lights can be tricky with glass because at certain angles they get reflected off the glass and can obscure the camera view. A good way to get around this is to turn a light on outside, or put IR blasters outside.

If you are still unhappy with the camera, please email Thanks!

  1. I’ll pay $15 shipped if you want.

  2. Please take a deep breath and really think this through, you’re upset but this anger will not solve anything–just do the suggestions and get it up and working.

  3. It’s like people who buys the new apple watch that is “water resistant” and cry about it when they throw in the the washer to clean it.

There are certain things CONSUMERS need to educate themselves about “ANYTHING” before purchasing… and IR through glass is UNIVERSAL across the board.


Per your requirements, all CIVICs will need disclaimer (this is not a Porsche, this doesn’t have same specs as BMW, this car doesn’t smell like Mercedes)


Solution-- TURN off NIGHTVISION, and on outdoor lamp plug in one of these

LIFX + (A19) Wi-Fi Smart LED Light Bulb with Infrared for Night Vision

THEN set rule to turn on IR at SUN DOWN and IR OFF at SUN RISE.






It doesn’t take a specialist to know that IR lights will reflect off glass it is right in front of… just takes a little common sense.

I think you should go buy one of those $200+ cameras and see if you get a different result. I can’t imagine the hatred you would spit out on a forum post then.

Lol oh well🤪

Based on the trust level of the OP, I’m going to assume this forum thread is satire. :upside_down_face: